Be Care When Purchasing Kilim Pillows

October 05, 2020 3 min read

Be Care When Purchasing Kilim Pillows

kilim pillowsA Kilim pillow is a unique and stylish way to decorate all the rooms of your home, but buying them can sometimes be a little bit of a hassle because you need to be extremely careful what you're actually getting. Not all Kilim pillows are created equally and you want to make sure that you're getting what you pay for. So make sure you pay close attention.

kilim pillow cover on sofa1. Double check what you're actually buying. Kilim pillows are 100% unique. Because they're made from pieces of antique rugs or even one whole rug, that's handmade, there are never going to be two that look exactly alike. If you see a picture that you love therefore, you need to make sure that's what you're actually getting. There will only be one that looks exactly like that and if you want to get that specific one it means you need to order it specifically. Make sure the listing isn't just for Kilim pillows in general, but the exact one you want.

kilim pillows2. Make sure you look carefully at all the pictures and that the Kilim you choose is clean and neat. Yes, they are vintage and that means they may have some signs of wear, but there's a difference between wear and just plain dirty. You definitely don't want a Kilim that has someone else's dirt and stains all over it. By looking carefully at the images you'll be able to see some of the potential damage but you definitely want a warranty so that you can get the pillow and take a look at it personally as well.

kilim pillow covers3. Make sure you're getting what you paid for. You're paying for an authentic Kilim pillow which, as we said, is completely unique. But not all companies are selling authentic, handwoven Kilims. Some are selling new, mass produced Kilims turned into pillows. That is definitely not what you want. Check the reviews and any other information you can find to make sure the Kilim is vintage and completely authentic.

4. Look over the entire pillow for signs of replacements. Does the entire piece look like it's made out of the same cloth? If you purchased a patchwork pillow do all the pieces look vintage at least? You want the pillow to be vintage because that's the entire point of having a Kilim pillow. If your pillow has pieces replaced and has spots that look new mixed in with the old it's definitely not going to give you the look you want and it's going to look strange too.

decorative kilim pillows5. Check the material on the back to make sure it's sturdy enough for the heavy Kilim fabric on the front. If your pillow isn't balanced in weight you're going to have problems and you could even have ripping. Not to mention you want something that looks a little neutral, not taking away from the beauty of the front of the pillow but something that's still going to look nice.

6. The quality of the pillow is also going to depend on how it's sewn together. You always want to check the stitching that's used because if it's not sewn properly it could come apart. You want something that is double overlocked because this keeps the stitches together and makes sure even if your kids get ahold of that pillow it's going to be sturdy and the stitches won't come out.

When you use Kilim pillows in your home the goal is to create a unique and beautiful atmosphere, so how do you make sure of that? The first thing is to make sure you're getting exactly what you want and that requires you to take a close look at what you're getting before you ever receive it.To choose really unique, one-of-a-kind, sturdy kilim pillows you can view our kilim pillows collection.





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