How will my kilim pillow cover/product be delivered?

All kilim pillow covers sent via our shipment partner Fedex. Due to the majority of our goods being one of a kind, we may require our items to be signed for on receipt.

Yes, We deliver all international destinations.We ship worldwide, on all orders.

All kilim pillow covers are ready to shipment in our warehouse located in Istanbul • Dispatch time is 2-3 days after order.

We deliver all international destinations. Deliveries to US addresses will take 4-5 days, for UK and Europe 2-3 days and Australia 6-7 days.Rest of the world max 7 working days.

You can see country list at the shipping page

We can ship to FPO&APO addresses. Due to security reasons we can not ship to PO boxes.

We are pleased to arrange delivery of your order to an address that is different to your credit or debit card billing address but, if you have not purchased from us before, we may contact you before we process your order to verify that your credit or debit card is not being used fraudulently.

Buyers are responsible about custom duties.(There is no additional taxes in USA for kilim pillow covers ) •Most countries, except USA, are subject to VAT (value added tax) and customs duties which are the responsibility of the recipient. Since rates vary by country and by what was ordered, we are not able to supply an estimated cost. Customers ordering from European countries are exempt from customs charges, however they will be billed for VAT by UPS or Fedex

• We accept PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Visa Debit and Maestro All payments are secure online.

No.We retain ownership of any products ordered until we have received full payment for such products.

Sure.Any of the credit and debit cards shown below..They provide a secure internet payment system for both credit and debit card payment. All payment information is securely encrypted using state of the art SSL encryption.We DON'T save any credit card information to our system.


Of course .All items can be returned for a full refund within 30 days of receipt. Buyer is responsible for the Shipping costs.Please feel free to ask any questions you might have before placing an order.

Should you change your mind about your purchase, you are responsible for the return shipping to our facility. You must contact us to obtain a Return Authorization Number and address to return the merchandise. No returns after 30 days.

Items must be returned in the same new condition as received within 30 days. No refunds or exchanges after 30 days. Missing items will be charged at full price.

The damage must be pointed out to the delivery driver, and you should refuse delivery of the item. If damage is noticed after your package is signed for, you must notify us within 30 days of receipt of the item.

Each kilim pillow cover you buy directly from us comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, you can return the product within the first 30 days after having received it. After we receive the product, we will process the return and refund the full purchase price, less the initial shipping charges. If you choose to return the product during this time, just send us a message to request a Return. You will be responsible for the return shipping costs


We guarantee that will not be any smell or defect problem on the pillows when you receive it But please remember, Due to handcrafting, slight variations may occur, Some shedding is normal All items are at pre owned vintage condition not as brand new pillows.It is important to understand this terms.

All kilim pillows in our web store are pre washed and checked twice before shipment

Tons of the vintage kilim pillow covers on the market.Is it right.Really Vintage?

Yes .These vintage woven works of art were crafted by skilled artisans in Turkey. Lightly restored to preserve their distinct patina after decades of gentle aging, each kilim pillow cover retains its old-world charm and unique character. Handpicked for their exquisite Anatolian artwork, our wool kilim pillow covers-kilims are truly one of a kind. Regarding to Chamber of Commerce s in Turkey, between 1940-1980 tens of millions kilim pillow covers and kilims woven.So the sourcing of the kilim pillow covers is not hard in Turkey.But the key point is the selection, finding kilim pillow covers in mint condition and the recycling processes.

Yes.When you purchase a pillow cover, you will receive what you see in the pictures.Because each kilim pillow cover is unique and has own exact pictures on our web site. Please understand colors on your notebook or Ipad or Iphone or any digital screen is vary and depended to your computer.

Yes we specify each item dimensions on the product description page with Feet and cm units.But due to nature of the handmade kilim pillow covers kilim pillow covers can vary in size by up to 2cm(1 inches) in width or length from the size shown.

All items in our web store are exactly in stock and ready to shipment.We have an integrated inventory system.Due to we have only one piece one-of-a-kind items, sometimes we have inventory mistakes, missing kilim pillow covers but finally last 4 years we are operating our inventory with %99.7 accuracy.

We work hard to give our lowest prices .Because of the, we buy a lot of items and keep stock, we got better prices from suppliers compare to our competitors. So prices are not negotiable.

The kilim pillow covers are soaked in pools of boiling water with textile dyes.This dyes are TUV improved. We have test results for Colour fastness, Carcinogenic and Azo substances from TUV. .If you want we can send you with your order.

Yes. All of our carpets are woven by hand in much the same manner as they have been made for thousands of years.

Our carpets are made entirely with wool pile. No synthetic fibers are used. We specialize in kilim pillow covers made with natural dyes and handspun wool. A small percentage of our kilim pillow covers are made with cotton or cotton highlights.

Yes. All of our kilims are woven by hand in much the same manner as they have been made for thousands of years.

In short, no or maybe. There may be a similar kilim pillow covers from the same area and hence similar colours and designs but no two kilim pillow covers are exactly the same. The beauty of these kilim pillow covers lies in this fact. As soon as new shipments arrive we upload the photos as fast as possible.

Woolen kilim pillow covers are very durable and the knots are so tightly woven that it is very difficult, if not impossible for dogs and cats to destroy them. The myth is that Persian kilim pillow covers are delicate. Woolen kilim pillow covers are not; however, silk kilim pillow covers are. One of our customers told us about how their cat tried to use its claws on the carpet, but gave up when it was unsuccessful because of the tightness of the weave. Another customer told us that her grandmother used to encourage her grandchildren to “go play on the Persian kilim pillow cover" because that was the only item in the house that could withstand their exuberance.


Welcome to Kilim Pillow Store! All of our products are available to wholesale accounts. Indeed, wholesale is the lion’s share of our business, and we love our noble retailers. For wholesale inquiries you contact us via this form.

What is the terms for Wholesale?

$1500 minimum for first orders.$500 minimum for reorders.Products must be ordered in inner-pack quantities.All orders subject to acceptance by Kilim Pillow Store.All prices are subject to change without notice.

How much is the shipping costs for wholesale orders?We use UPS and Fedex express services.Delivery time is 2-3 days to EU and 4-6 days to US. We can't make a discount for the shipping cost, but it is not too high.You can see our worldwide shipping costs below,For 50-60 Pillow Covers $59.62For 60-70 Pillow Covers $67.44For 70-80 Pillow Covers $74.82For 80-90 Pillow Covers $82.14For 90-100 Pillow Covers $90.48For 100-110 Pillow Covers $98.56

About Kilim

A “Kilim" (sometimes called “gelim") is a flat-woven Oriental kilim pillow cover, made much like Navajo kilim pillow covers, without pile. These are also hand woven in wool fibers. They don’t generally last as long in floor use as the thicker knotted pile carpets (perhaps an average of about 25 years compared to 50-80 years of use for a hand knotted pile carpet) and they cost considerably less. Kilims have traditionally been woven in all the major kilim pillow cover weaving countries such as Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan as well as North Africa. In India, flat woven kilims are called durries. Kilims tend to have a more graphic look and an informal feel. I personally really love kilims because they were often not woven for commercial export. They tend to retain the oldest and most traditional designs/colors and an authentic/archaic sensibility. Although, we also offer new kilims with wonderful contemporary and minimalist designs too! Check out our selection of kilims here.

Kilims are a flat woven kilim pillow cover, made by passing the wool (wefts) under and over the warps. There are many different techniques of flat weaving including slit weave, sumak, cicim(jijim) and more. Carpets are a knotted wool, or pile kilim pillow covers. Generally speaking carpets are thicker than kilims, depending on the length of their pile.

Old = less than 50 years old
Semi-antique = 50-80 years old
Antique = Above 80 years old

Clean & Care

How to clean your kilim cushion covers

I’ve had many people in the shop ask me how to clean their kilim cushion covers and similarly how to spot clean their kilim if something should get spilt on it. So I thought I would dedicate this post to a simple step by step demonstration of how you can do this cleaning yourself at home. This is more of a light surface clean but it does generate life back into your cover and is good for spot cleaning.

So you will need: 1 bucket, 1 eye dropper, small white cloth and some baby shampoo


STEP 1: Check for colour fastness! Probably the most important step so don’t skip it, particularly if you don’t want your beautiful kilim or cover to resemble a kids water painting. Most kilim cushions are made from old or antique kilims that have already been washed countless times but it still worth checking.


Grab an eye dropper with HOT water, this will allow you to get a quicker reaction. A few drops of water and press firmly with a white cloth. Hold for while to see if any colour transfers. My cover is VERY old so I am pretty certain their will be no colour run. I also tested another cushion cover hoping it would cause colour transfer so I could show you but that one also didn’t run. The colours to watch out for most are deep reds and blues, these tend to run the most so be extra cautious when testing these.

At this stage also give the cushion a good beating! Get some of that dust out.

STEP: 2: Cleaning solution. I use baby shampoo for the cleaning solution. It’s cheap, its gentle, usually contains no chemicals so a winner all round. I have had people try wool wash as well with similar results. You don’t want to use anything too harsh as most covers (at least the good quality ones) will have been woven using hand spun wool which retains the natural lanolin extending the life of the kilim and acting as a natural scotchquard, so you don’t want to strip it of those qualities. So, some shampoo in a bucket, add COLD water and froth up the mixture as much as you can.

STEP 3: cleaning the cover. Collect some foam in your hand and wipe it across the cover, continue until your cleaned the whole cover. Don’t be worried if you are getting some water with the foam but do try not to get it sopping wet.




STEP 4: Spot cleaning/marks. For more stubborn marks that need some extra attention. Put a small dollop of shampoo in your hand mixing fast with couple of drops of water and make a concentrated foam mix and apply this to the mark.




STEP 5: Drying. Cleaning done time to dry the cover (or kilim patch). A little trick I was told was the always dry them on grass in the sun (as the air can circulate from underneath as well). Also it saves your piece being pulled out of shape with (ie. with pegs)

If your garden is anything like mine at the moment, grass isn’t so readily available…so i used a bush



Once dried, you have a clean refreshed kilim cushion cover ready to look gorgeous again.



At this point I should put a disclaimer. If you aren’t confident with any of the above processes, do not continue. If your piece is very valuable to you, either monetarily or otherwise, please do not clean it yourself but rather take it to a professional.

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