Kilim Pillows -Each one has a unique story.......

Kilim Pillows -Each one has a unique story.......

Kilim Pillow Store was founded in Istanbul in 2012.By listing our first kilim accent pillows on Etsy marketplace. Then we decided to open our own store. We have endeavored to create the most desirable, kilim cushion covers in the world. Turkey is famous for the variety of kilim rugs. Each kilim pillow cover fashioned from 30-40 years old vintage woven. From a Turkish kilim or an oriental rug. We supply rug pillow covers, made from Turkish kilim rugs. So each kilim throw pillow is unique and has its own story.  

Your home is a place that you get to express yourself and your style. It's a place where you can really let your true colors shine through and one of the best ways to do that is will beautiful kilim throw pillows. Of course, if you're looking to make a statement and make your style even more beautiful, kilim pillows are definitely the way to go because they combine elegance and fashion with any decorating style you may have, whether it's bohemian, eclectic, contemporary or anything in between.

What is a Kilim Pillow?

These kilim pillows are actually cut from vintage Turkish kilims, traditional rugs and mats. This makes them completely unique so you will never find two that are exactly the same. But you will find plenty that are as beautiful as you could imagine and will match what you're looking for in your home. That's because these kilim pillows come in every color, pattern, and combination you could possibly think of so if you're into shabby chic, there are options for you. If you're into elegance and high-end fashion, there's no end of the options for you either and all you need to do is fit them into your rooms.

Where to Put Your Kilim Cushions

These kilim cushions will go absolutely anywhere but one of the best places you can use them is right in your living room. Most people have a couch and maybe several chairs in their living room so it's the perfect place you're going to want a pillow so you can relax. Check out the colors that are in your room and your furniture and find a kilim pillow that's going to accent those colors in the best way possible.If you're looking to pick up some style in your bedroom you can use these throw pillow covers there as well. They look great sitting on the bed in place of more traditional kilim pillow shams because they have a lot more color, vibrance, and style. You can easily pick out some colors that will highlight what you already have going on in your bedroom to make these look like the perfect addition to your already amazing style.

How to Choose Kilim Pillows

Now, no matter where you put these Turkish cushions you should know that they are designed to stand out. They're going to make a statement that your style and your home are elegant and beautiful, in any style that you choose. So don't be afraid to pick something that's going to mix and match. Make these kilim throw pillows look like the fashion statement they are whether you're getting pale colors for a shabby chic style, bold for a mid-century modern or wild for an eclectic mix. Decorative Vintage kilim pillows are designed with style and utility in mind which means you can use them without concern and you can definitely show them off easily. Just set one on each end of your couch to give a hint of color and style or add a few to make a really festive style. This works even better across the front of your bed where you can show off a mix and match bundle of your favorite kilim pillows. After all, all you need to do is find a color family and you can put them all together.

These kilim pillows definitely look great no matter how you match them. Go through the varied assortment of pillows that we have to offer and you're going to find more than enough options to get for your house. In fact, you'll probably have so many that you absolutely love you'll have to invent new places to put them. That's definitely how amazing these kilim pillows are and how uniquely they're going to match the style you have anywhere in your house. Combine colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes and make your own stylish look even more stylish so the next time your friends come over, they wonder where you got those amazing kilim pillow covers.Also, you can find kilim outdoor pillows at our store.

These Turkish pillow covers are going to make your home really stand out because there are definitely not enough people out there who know about these beautiful, one-of-a-kind pillows. So be the first of your friends to have them and show off the great style that you already have with something cultural and extra special.

We offer many kilim pillows in different sizes. From kilim pillow cover 16x16 to kilim lumbarpillows .We can ship them to the US, UK, and Australia.Currently, we can’t supply the pillow inserts.

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